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The society is one of the oldest in England, having been formed in 1921

The society is one of the oldest in England, having been formed in 1921.
The vision of its first President, Mr Philip Curry the manager of the White Star Line (of Titanic fame) in Southampton, was to further friendly relations in the Port via the Golf Courses.
Since those magnificent days, many of the major shipping lines of the day are now a distant memory; however the vision has not changed.
By 1923 the society had over 100 Members and still has today.

The Society today.
Comprises around 100 Members who, each year, enjoy six wonderful summer golfing events in convivial company during the period May to October.
The venues selected are among the best in the region and we are able to offer excellent prices to Members on top of a small annual subscription to cover administration costs.
Our playing season ends with the AGM and Annual Dinner at which some 44 trophies are presented in addition to the Prizes awarded at the end of each competition day.

Four of the annual event comprise an 18 hole individual Stableford followed by a two course meal and prize presentation.
We have two additional 18 hole meetings, a President's Day and a Guest Invitational competition.

The role of President is rotated to a different Member each year.
Opportunities exist for Members to entertain guests at events throughout the season and this has proved to be an excellent way to introduce new Members.
A shipping link is no longer a prerequisite to membership.
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Southampton Shipping Golfing Society

The Society was inaugurated in 1921, which makes it one of the oldest in England.

The vision of its first President, Philip Curry the manager of the White Star Line (of Titanic fame) in Southampton was to further friendly relations in the Port via the Golf Courses.
Since those magnificent days, many of the major shipping lines of the day are now a distant memory however the vision has not changed.

SSGS putting competition September 1930 our first President and one of the founders Mr P Curry Is seated in the centre of the front row with fellow members at Stoneham.

In April 1924 it was reported in the White Star Magazine that a Shipping Companies Golf Tournament was first organised in 1921, for which the White Star Line gave a handsome silver Cup.
Mr P. E. Curry local manager for the White Star Line was elected as the first President and by 1923 the society had over 100 members.
During the Second World war the society was suspended for 6 years until it was re-constituted in 1946, when it held a revival meeting at the old Polygon Hotel which was attended by a large number of both old and new members representing many activities in Dockland.

The Blitz of Southampton in 1940 destroyed all records held by the society at that time and created a quite remarkable piece of SSGS history. The then secretary Bill Dixon had entrusted the safe keeping of the trophies during the War years to Parkhouse and Son.
On Saturday 23rd November their shop in above bar Southampton was totally destroyed by enemy bombs and Bill Dixon was informed that all our trophies had been destroyed.

Some three months later Harold Parkhouse managed to obtain a permit to erect a temporary prefab building on the site, he employed a firm of contractors to clear the tons of rubble from the basement, who during this activity came up against a fairly solid block to one side of the near wall.

This turned out to be a solid rectangle of Brown paper bought in the early months of the war, which would have been one of the most difficult things to burn, it had also been protected by all the rubble that had fallen on it. To their amazement once this had been removed there on three shelves were the SSGS trophies all intact, but black as ink.

To this day our Society maintains many of the traditions established all those years ago, including the annual putting competition for ex Presidents.

Southampton Shipping Golfing Society Trophies  
The Society boasts a large and historic range of trophies.
Its first, The White Star Cup, dates from 1921 when the Society was first formed. Other trophies have been presented to the Society down the years, the most recent in the current year.
There is a range of competitions at each of the regular meetings and, in addition, four competitions are contested throughout the season.
A final trophy is presented to the winner of the Annual Presidents Putting Competition.
Trophies are presented at the Society's annual dinner in November.

A range of trophies are contested at each meeting as follows:
Spring Invitational Meeting (May)  
Member & Guest Team Event Winners: David Miller Cup
18 Hole Stableford  
Division 1 Winner Lyons Cup
Division 1 Runner-up Robinson Cup
Division 2 Winner Taylor Cup
Division 2 Runner-up Sinclair Cup
Division 2 Third Corbett Challenge Cup
Over 65 Winner Docks Board Cup
Summer Meeting (June)  
18 Hole Stableford  
Division 1 Winner Greer Cup
Division 1 Runner-up Castle Cup
Division 2 Winner Szlumper Cup
Division 2 Runner-up Renshaw Rose Bowl
Division 2 Third George Hughes Cup
Over 65 Winner Cotterell Tankard
Championship Meeting (July)  
18 Hole Stableford  
Society Champion White Star Cup
Division 1 Winner Vice President’s Cup
Division 1 Runner-up Johnson Cup
Division 1 Third BH Challenge Cup
Division 2 Winner Barrie Trophy
Division 2 Runner-up Clifton Cup
Division 2 Third Campbell Cup
Over 65 Winner Pensioner’s Prop
Over 70 Winner Geriatric’s Trophy
President's Meeting (August)  
18 Hole Team Event  
Winners Weir Cup
Runners-up David Hughes Cup
Third ABS Anniversary Cup
Autumn Meeting (September)  
18 Hole Stableford  
Division 1 Winner King Cup
Division 1 Runner-up Bert Baker Trophy
Division 2 Winner De Malglaive Cup
Division 2 Runner-up Salvage Association Cup
Over 65 Winner Par Cup
Winter Meeting (October)  
18 Hole Stableford  
Division 1 Winner Sheppard Cup
Division 1 Runner-up Westminster Bowl
Division 2 Winner Echo Challenge Cup
Division 2 Runner-up SSSR Cup
Over 65 Winner Parkhouse Pot
Annual Competitions  
The LVH Trophy is presented to the member with the highest three aggregate Stableford scores from each year's eligible competitions.

These magnificent trophies, for the Winner and Runner-up, were presented by David Hughes in 2007 to commemorate his father Lionel Hughes's long and significant contribution to the Society over many years of membership.
The Nicholson Trophy Knock-Out Competition is open to all Members, with the Draw comprising of the top 16 Stableford scores at Spring Meeting.
Winner holds the Nicholson Trophy and the Runner Up, the Cachalot Cup.
4 Ball Better Ball Knock-Out Competition, open to all members.
Winners hold the Supermarine Cup and the Runners Up, the Buckley Bowl.
Championship Knock Out Cup, a Match Play Competition open to all members with the Draw comprising the top 8 Stableford Scores at the Championship Meeting.
Winner holds the Seely Challenge Cup and the Runner-Up, the Master Mariners Cup.
Presidents Putter Cup.
This annual Putting competition is open to past and present SSGS Presidents.
Winner holds the John Smith Challenge Cup.
1921  P.E Curry J.P.
1922  O.Harries
1923  W.G. Lawther
1924  John Smith
1925  Colonel G.S. Szlumper
1926  Captain J.King O.B.E
1927  D.Drummond
1928  C.E. Cotterell
1929  W.A. Penton
1930  P.E.Curry J.P.
1931  T.Donaldson M.A.
1932  G.R Newcombe
1933  Captain S.N Braithwaite
1934  Capt.W.H.Whittle O.B.E.
1935  Capt. J.V.Forster O.B.E.
1936  F.C.B. Yarrow
1937  C.E. Cotterell
1938  R.P. Biddle
1939  LtCol A.Broomfield T.D.
1946  C.E. Cotterell J.P
1947  RP. Biddle C.B.E J.P
1948  G.H. Allen
1949  Captain H.J. Bulford
1950  CA. Nicholson
1951  G.F. Hughes T.D.
1952  W.S Dixon
1953  A.Dudley
1954  Joe Smith O.B.E
1955  H.G. Green O.B.E
1956  J.A Watt M.B.E
1957  H.C.Stevens D.C.M
1958  S.A. Finnis E.R.D
1959  CA. Nicholson
1960  J.B. Shatlock
1961  W.F. Ward
1962  E.H James
1963  L.Cameron
1964  Captain W.E. Jones
1965  C.W. Payne O.B.E
1966  A.E Campbell
1967  D.A Stringer O.B.E
1968  L.J.V Reynolds M.B.E
1969  J.L.Cook
1970  E.A.C Howells E.R.D
1971  P.C. Nicholson
1972  W.D Nodding
1973  J.B Atkinson
1974  J.L. Waite
1975  J.A Wilde C.B.E
1976  J.M Townsend

1977  P.Webb
1978  Captain G.Pow
1979  A.R. Boult
1980  J.B Williams
1981  G.J. Johnson
1982  D. Buckley
1983  H.G Baker
1984  J.B. Davies
1985  P. Ridyard
1986  MD. Purgavie
1987  A.R. Jones
1988  H.W Parkhouse J.P
1989  R.J Evans
1990  P.J. Penfold
1991  J. Millington
1992  A. Kent
1993  M.Avery
1994  R.E.A Bayley
1995  R. Logan
1996  Captain J. Lofts
1997  R. S Aitken
1998  C.A McClure
1999  R.C Bridges
2000  M.B Wells
2001  J. Bull
2002  L.Lyons
2003  J.S.Withington
2004  D.H. Corbett 
2005  R.G. Sinclair
2006  P A Burden 
2007  W Hutton
2008  D P Hughes 
2009  J E Cutler 
2010  D A d'Arcy Hughes
2011  R J Treherne 
2012  L.R. Coleman
2013  J. Gatrell
2014  T.R.F Stockley
2015  K Howarth
2016  G Angas
2017  R Gribble
2018  R Hallett
2019  L Hudson
2020 D.J Howard
2021 Gp Capt N Brewer
2022 D.J Howard
2023 P.P Wintle



1. The name of the Society shall be “Southampton Shipping Golfing Society” (The Society).
2. The Society was inaugurated in 1921 with the object of furthering friendly relations in the Port of Southampton by playing competitions on local golf courses and the first Shipping Companies Golf Tournament was held in that year. Activities had to be suspended in 1939 and The Society was reconstituted in 1946. Further information as to The Society’s history is available on The Society’s website.

1. An applicant for membership shall be proposed and seconded by two members of The Society current at the time of the application and be considered for election at the next convenient Committee meeting.
2. There will be an annual subscription payable by all members in a sum to be agreed by the members at each Annual General Meeting. Subscriptions are due and payable (whether demanded or not) by 31 March in each year and any member whose subscription remains unpaid on 1 April in any year shall cease to be a member of The Society as from that date.
3. A member whose membership is terminated for any reason shall not be entitled to the refund of any part of the subscription paid for the year in which the termination takes effect.
4. The Society’s financial year will run from 1 November in every year or such other date as may be approved by the members at an Annual General Meeting. The Treasurer will keep a proper record of the Society’s finances including all income outgoings and reserves and will maintain a bank account in the name of the Society for the security of the Society’s funds. The Treasurer will present to every Committee Meeting either in person or in writing if he is unable to attend in person an interim report as to the current state of The Society’s finances.

1. The affairs of The Society will be managed by a Committee comprised of Officers and no less than two members appointed from amongst its membership. Committee members will be proposed and seconded by two current members and elected by majority vote at an Annual General Meeting.
2. The Officers of the Society shall comprise:-
Membership Secretary
Competitions Secretary
3. The President and the Vice President will be elected annually at the AGM. Unless the Committee deems there to be exceptional and over-riding circumstances, the VP will normally be nominated as President elect and duly proposed and seconded. At the AGM members will then be asked to formally elect that nominee, as President, with no other candidates being sought.

The prospective VP will be nominated and seconded following a procedure in which the Committee will draw up a short list of candidates and collectively agree, in Committee, the order in which they should be approached. Once a prospective VP has been determined he will be proposed and seconded for election at the AGM. Members have the right to nominate other candidates as long as they are duly proposed and seconded and, in such circumstances a vote may need be taken at the AGM to determine the preferred candidate.

The President and the Vice-President will hold office in those roles from the date of their election until the date of the next following Annual General Meeting. The other Committee members will also hold office from the date of their election until the date of the next following Annual General Meeting and may offer themselves for re-election in the following year.
4. Additional members may be co-opted onto the Committee as necessary during any year and may serve as such until formally elected at the next following Annual General Meeting.
5. There will be a Competitions Sub-committee comprising no more than six members of The Society and chaired by the Competitions Secretary.

1. An Annual General Meeting will be held in each calendar year insofar as possible within 13 months of the previous Annual General Meeting.
2. The business at each Annual General Meeting will include:-
i) a report from the President detailing the activities of the previous year for adoption by the meeting.
ii) a presentation by the Treasurer of the annual accounts of The Society for the previous financial year for adoption by the meeting.
iii) the election of the Officers and ordinary members of the Committee of The Society for the following year.
iv) the consideration for adoption of any proposal for which legitimate notice has been given for the meeting.
3. Members will be given 14 days prior notice of the date time and place of the Annual General Meeting.
4. Any matter requiring a decision at an Annual General Meeting shall be proposed by a member and seconded by a separate member and submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting setting out in detail the nature and objective of the proposal.
5. Committee meetings will be held as necessary for the management of the Society’s affairs and there will be a minimum of two Committee meetings in any calendar year. Minutes of meetings of the Society will be produced following each meeting.
6. Meetings will be chaired by the President or in his absence the Vice-President. A quorum for voting purposes at an Annual General Meeting shall be fifteen members and in Committee meetings shall be five elected Committee members.
7. At meetings of The Society members (in the case of an Annual General Meeting) or elected Committee members (in the case of Committee Meetings) shall be entitled to one vote upon each matter put to the vote save that in the event of a hung vote the chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to a casting vote.

1. The primary method of communication from the Committee (meaning the Committee as a whole and individual Committee members on The Society’s business) to the members as a whole shall be via The Society’s website or such other as may be The Society’s website address from time to time. All information posted on The Society’s website shall be deemed to have been communicated to the members 5 days (120 hours) after it appears on the website. The primary method of communication between individual Committee members and individual members shall be the e-mail addresses contained in the Membership Profiles on the website.
2. The Committee will make reasonable endeavours to communicate information by alternative means to any member who notifies the Secretary in writing that he does not have access to the website but no responsibility will rest with the Committee for any failure of such endeavours.
3. Each member shall be responsible for informing the Secretary of any change of e-mail address and other information contained in his Membership Profile on The Society’s website.
4. By signing the application to join The Society or by renewing his membership a member agrees to be bound by the provisions of The Data Protection Act 1998 and any subsequent amendments to it insofar as they apply to information released to The Society for the purposes of managing The Society’s affairs.
5. Neither the Committee nor any member may use any information contained in a Membership Profile or in any other part of The Society’s website for business purposes.

1. The Competitions Sub-committee will be responsible for:-
i) the staging regulation and control of The Society’s competitions
ii) the determination review and amendment of members’ handicaps to apply when playing in a Society competition.
2. The rules governing The Society’s competitions are set out in The Society’s Competition Rules and Code of Conduct posted on the Society’s website. The Competitions Sub-committee will manage competitions in accordance with the Rules and may make minor variations to those Rules as circumstances dictate.
Any change of substance to the Rules must be put to the next following Annual General Meeting as a formal proposal for ratification by the members.
3. The rules governing members’ Society handicaps are set out in The Society’s Competition Rules and Code of Conduct posted on The Society’s website. The Competitions Sub-committee will make all decisions on member’s handicaps in accordance with the Rules.
4. The decision of the Competitions Sub-committee on all matters relating to competitions and handicap shall be final and binding.
5. Guests, whilst welcome, can only be invited once in any given year. If invited a second time then the guest would need to pay a joining fee and become a member.

Each member of The Society shall respect and abide by the code of conduct as set out in The Society’s Competition Rules and Code of Conduct posted on The Society’s website. Any member who falls short of these requirements risks having his membership of The Society withdrawn or suspended.

1. The Society cannot accept any liability or responsibility for any loss damage or injury suffered to any member or his property in any circumstances whatsoever.
2. The Society will abide by the rules of golf as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews save that where there is any contradiction between those rules and The Society’s regulations as set out or referred to in this Constitution The Society’s regulations shall apply.

The roles of Committee Members within the Society

The Southampton Shipping Golfing Society was founded in 1921. It has a membership that currently fluctuates between 100 and 130 and meets six times a year usually at golf courses in Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex.

The Society is managed by a committee which consists of: President (Chair), Vice President, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Competitions Secretary, Treasurer. Additionally, members maybe co-opted onto the Committee during any year and may serve as such until formally elected at the next AGM.

The SSGS is structured so that at the end of his year in office the Vice President will be proposed to the members by the Committee at the AGM for election to the position of President. Accordingly, members who are elected to the post of Vice President will be expected to serve two years in addition to any time that they may have served previously as a committee member.

The Vice President’s major function is to observe and support the President.

Committee Members are assigned responsibilities in line will the skills they are able to offer the Society.

These role descriptions have been developed to inform members who would like to apply for a position on the Committee what the duties and responsibilities will be involved.

New Members Welcome
The Society is always pleased to welcome new members.
We pride ourselves on being a friendly and social group of golfers who enjoy playing some of the best courses in central southern England.

To become a member you need only be nominated by an existing member. Alternatively, if you are a member of a bona-fide Golf Club and have an handicap of 24 or less you may contact the Membership Secretary (Email Membership) to request an application form.

In this case the procedure will be for you to play with a Committee Member so as to be introduced to the Society.
Once membership has been approved by the Committee you will be given full access to all pages of the website.

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